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 Terms to keep in mind once you entered in

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PostSubject: Terms to keep in mind once you entered in    Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:47 pm

I´d like to thank God for this chance I now have. lol!

It´s been a long road I walked to get this site and I don´t mind telling I have prayed to be elsewhere online.

At this moment I´m sleepy,  Sleep   But I feel so excited...    bounce

I wanted to let you know this site could be for YOU and me (within the limits of the international laws) and, of course, following up -completely- the terms of this agreement Terms of service..

Rule 1: Just read these terms before posting anything improper. (

Rule 2: We are legally responsible for the content of the items we´ve published.

Keep your passwords and personal data as safe as you can.

Catfish could collect any sensitive data you would regret having some leaks.

Rule 3: We´re asked to behave and to keep this server operative and clean. No one wants to be blamed.

Rule 4: No nudity, no profanity, no sort of hatred and violence is sought... There are places for that, elsewhere.  Wink

Rule 5: This is not a dating site, but we´re adult and free enough to do the best and, personally... That´s up to any of you! Why don´t we really love peaceably?

Rule 6: Anything illegal will be deleted asap, without a notice or warning.

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Terms to keep in mind once you entered in
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